We are passionate about connecting people.

When people come together powerful things happen: relationships are built, knowledge is shared and sparks of innovation are fired. 

Following fourteen years’ experience in the networking industry, Founder Jeni Smith launched Networking KnoWho to share her knowledge and help others get more from networking. Teaching networking skills and creating networking strategies our goal is to bring people together.


Alongside Durham University two rounds of academic research were conducted into a unique networking model, which we're now utilising to create bespoke networking strategies for businesses. Strategies that enable you and your team to attend the right events, meet the right people and have the right conversations. 

By empowering you to connect in person and teaching you to become more confident, strategic networkers you can generate more opportunities, have access to more information, and grow your business faster all starting with a simple "Hello".



Whether you're new to the world of networking, or a seasoned delegate looking to develop a more comprehensive strategic approach; we can help.

Building confidence, teaching networking skills, etiquette and preparing you for the different event format available. We'll help you with the awkward small talk, getting in and out of conversations, and how to build effective relationships.

We can work closely with you to create your bespoke business networking strategy to ensure you're attending the right events for you and your business goals.


We work closely with organisations to create bespoke business networking strategies and training programmes. Upskilling staff to build confidence and increase return on investment from attending events. Providing businesses with the tools they need to ensure networking is an integrated part of their growth plans and compliments their existing strategies. Delivering training to individuals and teams to build networking abilities for both external and internal relationship management.


Delivering training within schools, colleges and universities to teach networking skills to both students and education professionals. Helping build social intelligence and prepare the work force of the future for all aspects of networking and relationship management. Looking at networking for career development, knowledge transfer, even financial investment; training programmes are always designed with the learner goals at the core. 
Jeni has lectured at a number of universities across the country on the topic of business networking & entrepreneurship, as well as running workshops and training sessions in schools and colleagues in the North East & North West.


Elly Roper

Jeni really knows what she's talking about - definitely an expert in the field of professional networking! I saw Jeni give a talk on the importance of networking. She changed my outlook completely, and as a result I changed the focus of my marketing. The result has been extraordinary. Now 90% of my business comes from professional networking, and my business has grown faster than I ever thought possible. I'm in the right rooms with the right people, and winning bigger clients and bigger contracts as a result. I genuinely cannot recommend Jeni enough for her specialised knowledge and training!

Holly Peacock-Goodwin

Jeni was able to create a strategy which allowed me to network efficiently - I saved time, spoke to the right people, became inspired and enjoyed myself networking again! Jeni's experience is both academic and hands on so she's very practical in her advice. 


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