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"Like many people, Covid19 caught me off guard and I had to find a way to transition my business almost overnight. As I moved away from group workshops and towards more one-to-one coaching I realised that my marketing was going to have to change too. I was going to have to significantly raise my game when it came to networking and, given there were no face to face events anymore, I needed some help in learning to adapt.

Along came Jeni and although I hadn’t worked with her before, I knew of her from a glowing and growing reputation. Over the course of a four week programme I was reminded of some of the real fundamentals of networking which apply whether on or offline. I also gained some genuinely new insights which have already produced results for me. She wraps all of this in her unique Networking Ecosystem which turns networking from some mysterious art into a series of practical steps.

I’d be surprised if anyone remained a reluctant networker after having worked with Jeni."

—  Matt Somers
Founder & Managing Director
Matt Somers - Coaching.Skills.Training


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