Creating Conversations.

When people come together to talk powerful things happen: relationships are built, knowledge is shared and sparks of innovation are fired. 

Following fourteen years’ experience in the networking industry, Founder Jeni Smith launched Networking KnoWho to share her knowledge and help others get more from networking. Teaching networking skills and creating networking strategies, our goal is to bring people together.


Alongside Durham University two rounds of academic research were conducted into our unique networking model, which we're now utilising to create bespoke networking strategies for businesses and individuals. Strategies that enable you and your team to attend the right events, meet the right people and start having the right conversations. 

By empowering you to connect in person and teaching you to become more confident, strategic networkers you can generate more opportunities, have access to more information, and grow your business faster, all starting with a simple "Hello".



North East Times: 



"Predictably I met Jeni through networking events and this, years later, was my first chance to have her deliver a session for our students at Durham. Jeni is an outstanding speaker and she presents information about an often vague and tricky subject in a way that's not only clear and easy to understand, but also motivates you to get out and do it. The tasks were practical and engaging and from the continued attention from the students and the questions they asked it was clear that they took a huge amount away to support them with their own networking in the future. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jeni to anyone wanting to find out more about networking and improve their own strategy and approach."

—  Chris Roberts 

- Durham University Business School


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