Using our unique business networking ecosystem we love to create bespoke networking strategies for individuals and organisations. Working on a consultancy basis networking strategies are individually crafted based on every clients specific products & services, target markets and long-term goals. 


Delivering networking training remotely (hopefully soon in person again), and producing pre-recorded training videos, we offer a range of training depending on your current knowledge level and future networking needs.

Take a look at us in action in our FREE 'Networking for Innovation' training session.



Whether you're new to the world of networking, or a seasoned delegate looking to develop a more comprehensive strategic approach; we can help.

Building confidence, teaching networking skills, etiquette and preparing you for the different event format available. We'll help you with the awkward small talk, getting in and out of conversations, and how to build effective relationships.

We can work closely with you to create your bespoke business networking strategy to ensure you're attending the right events for you and your business goals.


We work closely with organisations to create bespoke business networking strategies and training programmes. Upskilling staff to build confidence and increase return on investment from attending events. Providing businesses with the tools they need to ensure networking is an integrated part of their growth plans and compliments their existing strategies. Delivering training to individuals and teams to build networking abilities for both external and internal relationship management.


Delivering training within schools, colleges and universities to teach networking skills to both students and education professionals. Helping build social intelligence and prepare the work force of the future for all aspects of networking and relationship management. Looking at networking for career development, knowledge transfer, even financial investment; training programmes are always designed with the learner goals at the core. 
Jeni has lectured at a number of universities across the country on the topic of business networking & entrepreneurship, as well as running workshops and training sessions in schools and colleagues in the North East & North West.


Networking is one of the most powerful things you can do for your business, your career, and your personal development.

Knowing how to network in person is tough enough, but building professional relationships remotely can be even more difficult!

Our new training course is now open for enrolments via international learning platform Udemy!

'Remote Business Networking' is the perfect way to learn how to build your professional network from home.

The online training course allows you to learn in your own time, and is packed with interactive worksheets and quizzes to help you learn remotely and start applying your new skills immediately! 

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